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Bullies, Tyrants & Impossible People

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The impossible people who make life's journey so difficult are everywhere - at the office, in restaurants, on airplanes, living next door, members of your own family. They're . . .

  • your "nothing is ever good enough" boss
  • the "no price is ever low enough" client
  • the next-door neighbor who redefines the meaning of paranoia
  • the maetre d' who looks through you as if you don't exist
  • the father-in-law who you know is always thinking about how much better a life his Janey or Joey would have if only married to someone other than you

Ron Shapiro and Mark Jankowski give you a simple and highly effective 4-point plan for dealing with all of them and more - N.I.C.E. Their system shows you how to neutralize your emotions so you don't just react but act purposefully and wisely. It enables you to identify the type of bully, tyrant, or impossible person you're facing - the situationally difficult (something has happened that turns an otherwise reasonable person into a temporary terror); the strategically difficult (she has empirical evidence that being difficult is a strategy that gets results); or simply difficult (being difficult is his 24/7 M.O.). Then you'll learn how to shape the outcome by controlling the encounter and, finally, how to get "unstuck" by exploring your options.

Using colorful stories from all walks of life - "He called me the scum of the earth and it went downhill from there," "First, lock all your vendors in a small room," and "The boss from hell" - the authors bring their lessons to life, from business life to family life.

Additional Info

Name Bullies, Tyrants & Impossible People
SKU 48.53599
Year published 2007
Page count 288
Publisher Random House
ISBN 9781400050123
Author Ronald M. Shapiro^Mark A. Jankowski^James Dale
Format N/A


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