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Active Shooter - Workplace Violence Preparedness: P.A.C.E. - Prepare, Act, Care, Evacuate

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Tragic situations cannot be predicted, so preparation is critical. Waiting ensures one thing, you won’t be prepared should an incident occur. That is why James Cameron has developed the unique program called P.A.C.E.- Prepare, Act, Care, Evacuate. James’s approach is to decrease vulnerability and increase survivability, with his comprehensive P.AC.E. program. P.A.C.E. was developed based on James’s personal experiences and lessons learned from being involved as a first responders to multiple real-world mass casualty events. From neutralizing threats to treating the wounded, his book gives the perspective which cannot be replicated by those without the same experiences. While others without any real experience give seminars on what “the book answer” says to be correct, he explains what actually works, based on his first-hand experiences.

About the Author

James Cameron is an ASIS International Board Certified Protection Professional, CPP, and has over 15 years’ international experience in both the security industry and the corporate sector as well. He currently is a member of the ASIS Executive Protection Council and has operated Security Concpets Group since 2009.

Mr. Cameron is a combat veteran, having served as an Army Ranger under the Special Operations Command during his enlistment. Mr. Cameron also has earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Business Information Systems.

Mr. Cameron has worked with the U.S. State Department as a member of the Diplomatic Security Services. There he served in multiple positions including Security Detail Leader for the U.S. Ambassador to Iraq and Afghanistan. He ultimately finished as an instructor and subject matter expert for the High Threat, Dignitary Protection Division of the U.S. Department of State Diplomatic Security Services.

Mr. Cameron’s experience spans the globe ranging from providing protection under hostile fire in non-permissive, high threat environments to providing first responder medical care during multiple mass casualty situations in Iraq, Afghanistan and Chad. Additionally, Mr. Cameron has travelled around the world teaching Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO’s) techniques on the avoidance of harm to personnel assigned to permissive, semi-permissive, and non-permissive environments.

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NameActive Shooter - Workplace Violence Preparedness: P.A.C.E. - Prepare, Act, Care, Evacuate
AuthorJames Cameron
Published Year2019
Page Count127
PublisherSecurity Concepts Group, LLC