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Bold HR: Leading Through Influence

Presented by Cornell University Faculty

Program Overview:

Target Audience: this program is intended to provide critical learning for HR Leaders who currently or aspire to support senior leaders and their leadership teams. Ideally, the participants are at a level where the leadership team has responsibilities for running an organization, business unit (e.g., division, product line, region), or larger business function (e.g., sales, supply chain, finance). The key differentiator is that the participants sit on and support a leadership team. HR specialists who frequently interact with and support line leaders may also be a fit for the program.

Program Objectives:

The goal of the program is to help HR leaders develop knowledge and practice applying skills related to the emotional intelligence side of HR leadership. In particular, we focus on helping leaders to develop acumen on the topics of courage, providing coaching to senior leaders on talent issues that impact senior leadership team capabilities, understanding senior leadership team dynamics and supporting high performance teams, and managing and influencing organizational politics. Whereas other programs focus on enhancing HR functional knowledge or HR strategy, this program is intended to help HR leaders build out their capabilities tied to the coaching and advisory part of the role as HR leaders in a leadership team.

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