Business Strategy Essentials You Always Wanted To Know, 2nd Edition


Business Strategy Essentials You Always Wanted To Know prepares new managers and leaders with the building blocks of business strategy. You will learn how to define strategy, different levels of strategy for the business versus departments, and how to plan tactics to implement those strategies.

You will learn how to define strategy and how strategy differs at different levels of an organization. Identifying your company’s current strategy and then being able to execute possible appropriate strategies is a key thing you will learn reading this book. You are given tools to assist you with some of the more challenging aspects of strategy such as environmental scanning, SWOT analysis, and strategy analysis. After you have learned how to execute some of these strategies, you will learn what organization structures fit best with specific strategies. These timeless elements of the strategy will provide you the fundamentals with a 21st-century point of view.

About the Author

Callie Daum has worked in the healthcare industry for over 20 years gaining experience in managing teams, project management, strategic development and implementation, business marketing to increase revenues, and has learned many more lessons on how to thrive in the business industry. As a seasoned Senior Project Manager and Leader, her goals include adding value, working efficiently and effectively, and sharing best practices to achieve overall success.

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NameBusiness Strategy Essentials You Always Wanted To Know, 2nd Edition
AuthorCallie Daum
Published Year2018
Page Count174
Book PublisherVibrant Publishers