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Dealing With the Irate Customer (DVD)

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It's hard to keep your cool when dealing with difficult customers. After all, it's only human to get defensive and fight back or cave in and give them whatever they demand.

What you need instead is a plan.

The guidelines presented in this training video will help you calm angry customers. Once you bring them around, they're more likely to work with you to find a resolution that solves their complaint yet is fair to your organization.

This customer service video includes valuable tactics, including:

  • Connect with the angry customer.
  • Show empathy or apologize if appropriate.
  • Guide the customer's attention toward solving the problem.
  • Use positive language.
  • Have the customer make small decisions.
  • Take a timeout or draw the line.
  • Know what you can offer.

Your employees will learn to stay professional and not take it personally when they have to deal with difficult customers, whether in retail, health care, government, or any other industry. They'll learn that their basic customer service skills are a first line of defense; it's hard for customers to be mean to someone who's being nice to them. And they'll learn three powerful "breakthrough techniques" that can be used if the situation escalates and threatens to get out of hand.


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