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Diversity and Inclusion: A Step-by-Step Guide -- Employee/ Manager Combo

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The Diversity and Inclusion Combination Package Includes Two Programs

Filmed on location in a variety of settings, from healthcare to manufacturing, these two courses feature dramatic scenes, first-person interviews, and research grounded in scientific studies that provide new information and model the kind of behavior that contributes to a more positive workplace—for everyone.

Diversity & Inclusion: A Step-by-Step Guide for Employees
Creating a workplace environment where everyone feels included can be tough. Employees may clash or don’t collaborate as well as we'd like, even if they come from the same background. Add true diversity into the mix and this friction can get even worse, damaging teamwork and hurting the productivity of the group as a whole.

Fortunately, there are specific skills that can help us smooth workplace interactions and resolve issues that might come up, whether they involve ethnicity, age, gender, sexual orientation, disabilities or anything else that makes people feel different.

Employees learn how to:

  • Overcome resistance
  • Welcome new employees
  • Make small gestures of support and acceptance
  • Meet people where they are
  • Look for opportunities to connect

These skills make it easier for everyone to be more open, more respectful in our behavior, and more willing to help others make work better.

Diversity & Inclusion: A Step-by-Step Guide for Managers

Finding the right people for the right job is a challenge. And once you have a team together, how do you get them to work well and actually function as a team?

This engaging guide demonstrates specific steps you can take as a manager or supervisor to improve communication, reduce friction, and shine light on the unconscious biases that may lead to unfairness and resistance. These steps help resolve issues around ethnicity, age, gender, sexual orientation, disabilities and more.

Managers will learn techniques for:

  • Setting the tone
  • Preventing discriminatory behavior
  • Accepting each person
  • Being a mentor
  • Extending yourself

This practical guide to establishing an inclusive workplace will help you head off problems, build morale and productivity, and maximize the success of your workgroup by maximizing the success of each individual.

Published Year2016
Page Count18 Minutes -- Employee Version; 23 Minutes -- Manager Version

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