Employee Development (DVD Set)

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The Employee Development DVD Series just might be the best bargain available for up to 40 hours of group or self-study training materials; even if you’re only looking to supplement or complement existing programs this is an unbeatable deal.

This 10 DVD modules are:

Team Skills for Meeting Together
• Learn to use the four basic skills that build trust
• Learn the roles and responsibilities of team meeting members
• Learn the definitions of consensus and consensus management
• Learn to utilize a five-step process for successful meetings

Communicating With Others
• Learn to make decisions about the use of nonverbal communication
• Learn to analyze the impact of personal values on communication
• Learn techniques for dealing with emotion— yours and others’
• Learn how to change inappropriate speech habits
• Learn to listen effectively

The Attitude Opportunity
Learning Objectives:
• Learn to write a description of an attitude opportunity in yourself or others
• Learn to analyze the cause(s)of attitude problems
• Learn to develop plans to monitor progress toward changing attitudes
• Learn how to determine reward systems for positive changes

Working Effectively With Others
• Learn how to confront others on sensitive issues
• Learn how to receive both positive and negative feedback
• Learn how to communicate persuasively with others

Solving Problems Together
• Learn the concepts of “situation analysis” and “visibility”
• Learn the process for breaking complex problems into manageable pieces

Meeting Change Creatively
• Learn to utilize a seven-step model to manage change
• Learn the external causes of change
• Learn to identify the benefits of change
• Learn the internal causes of change
• Learn to effectively use your leaders in managing change

Moving From Criticism to Feedback
• Learn to state opinions in a way that is appropriate in an organizational setting
• Learn to clearly and concisely state the reasons for giving feedback
• Learn to give feedback confidently and tactfully
• Learn to receive criticism and turn it into constructive feedback

Managing Your Time
• Learn to accept responsibility for managing your own time
• Learn to prioritize important tasks over “urgent” ones
• Learn to utilize a time log to make time management decisions
• Learn to implement daily and long-range planning

It’s Your Career
• Learn to accept responsibility for your own growth and development within the organization
• Learn to determine your own career goals and interests
• Learn to create an action plan for future goals
• Learn to prepare for and participate in career counseling with your manager

How to Receive Work Assignments
• Learn to obtain objectives, purpose, and necessary details of a new assignment
• Learn to offer ideas and suggestions for accomplishing work assignments efficiently
• Learn to set follow-up procedures for assignments
• Learn to summarize assignments accurately to ensure proper understanding of the project

NameEmployee Development (DVD Set)
Page Count10 DVD's 40 Hours
PublisherHRD Press

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