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Employee Relations Essentials Manual + Update Service

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This is an ideal resource for HR Managers, Recruiters, Department Managers, and other company representatives with HR responsibilities that include hiring, employee relations, and terminations.

  • Covers all aspects of the employee/employer relationship:
    • Recruiting and Hiring– Advertising, background checks, onboarding, job training

      • Management and Development– Employee relations, managing conflict, integrating new employees, gaining acceptance for change, difficult conversations, performance reviews, employee recognition
        • Separations – "For cause" terminations, layoffs or reduction in force, voluntary quits, retirements, post-employment inquiries (such as reference checks from other employers)
  • Provides valuable information such as best practices, case studies, situation analysis or illustrations, and frequently asked questions (FAQs)
  • Includes tips on improving employee relations and on handling issues that might arise in the workplace such as employee conflicts and performance issues


Update Service

  • With your included 1-year Update Service subscription, you'll always be up to date on the latest developments concerning your manual. You'll receive updated pages for your print manual every 6 months.

It's a "must-have!"
Operating from current information is essential to avoiding penalties, fines, accidents, and injuries (just ONE incident could cost you far more than the update service). Plus, monitoring upcoming regulatory changes and implementing the latest best practices will help you make better management decisions and budget your safety and compliance dollars more effectively.

It's quick and easy!
J. J. Keller guides and manuals are 3-ring bound, so adding new or revised information (replacement pages) is as easy as popping open the binder and dropping it in.

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NameEmployee Relations Essentials Manual + Update Service
AuthorJ.J. Keller
Published YearRegularly Updated
Page Count550+
Book PublisherJ.J. Keller