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Employee Cycle (HR Dashboard)

Click here to schedule a demo, start your FREE trial, and learn how to automate your HR reporting & analytics processes.

Are you tired of the manual, tedious, and time-consuming process of pulling spreadsheets for your HR reports? Do you not have an HR analyst to do this work, and even if you do, they could use some serious help to make their job easier? Does your HR department need to be viewed as more strategic, by better supporting your decisions and budget requests with data?

Employee Cycle may be the solution you need, as it automates the HR reporting and analytics process, by pulling all your data directly from your different HR systems into one People Dashboard. With pre-built connections to the most popular HR systems, we’re able to pull your HR data into a single data-driven view of the entire workforce. 

This allows HR leaders to better identify, communicate, and solve workforce problems (ex: turnover costs, lack of diversity, gender pay inequality, poor employer brand, etc), avoid risks, and save costs. 

Here’s why HR and People leaders depend on Employee Cycle to become smarter and make data-driven workforce decisions:

  • All-in-one People Dashboard - No more logging into multiple HR systems to gain insight into your workforce across the entire employee life cycle. View all your HR metrics from your different HR systems in one place.
  • Instant workforce insights - No more analyzing outdated data from spreadsheet HR reports. Get real-time insight from your HR data that is updated either every few hours or daily. 
  • Customized & shareable HR dashboards - No more wishing you had an easy way to share the specific HR data that matters most to your leadership team, department managers, and external stakeholders like investors. Create and share custom dashboards, that only include the data each unique stakeholder needs and wants to see.
  • Real-time and trending insights - No more waiting months to pull together a comprehensive view of your workforce. Use your dashboard to view both real-time data to know what’s happening today, but also insights trending over time to identify any potential negative workforce trends.
  • Improve your overall HR reporting workflow - No more meetings without having data at your fingertips. Whether you’re meeting with leadership or department managers, use your dashboard to make data the foundation of your conversation, so that your workforce efforts are always aligned with your workforce goals. 

Here’s the Employee Cycle point of view. We’ve found that the myth of “HR not being data-driven” is totally false. In fact, when you remove the technical aspects of manually exporting, aggregating, and visualizing the data, HR leaders are pretty savvy when it comes to knowing which data sets to use to answer important workforce questions.

That’s why we remove and automate all the tedious parts of HR reporting that should be done by software, so you can spend your time using the insights to perform actions that will make your workforce better.

Click here to schedule a demo, start your FREE trial, and learn how to automate your HR reporting & analytics processes. 

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