Facilitation at a Glance 2nd Edition

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Just released... Facilitation at a Glance, the second edition You made the original Facilitation at a Glance pocket guide an international best seller. That's why the second edition is a must purchase for anyone involved in a collaborative management process. Author Ingrid Bens has added facilitation tips, tools and techniques essential to successful 21st century leaders at all levels of your organization.Who should buy it?1.      Anyone leading a team or participating on one 2.      Task force and committee chairs 3.      Project managers 4.      Department managers 5.      Human Resource professionals 6.      Business consultants 7.      Course instructors 8.      Issues arbitrators
What are the benefits?
1.      Eliminate time wasted by major discussions of minor issues 2.      Clarify and agree to roles and responsibilities of team members 3.      Realize the successes of collaboration 4.      Be recognized as an effective leader and manager 5.      Achieve meaningful results faster
New features...
A Facilitation Cue Card, highlighting core facilitation skills Facilitation in the Classroom, strategies for use at the start, middle and end of learning activities Techniques for facilitating teleconferences and web meetings Enhanced process checks to keep challenging conversations flowing An updated Group Assessment Survey, useful when analyzing traits of working groups Expanded section on Conflict Resolution and dealing with resistance Tips for responding to non-verbal cues Facilitation strategies for managers Wandering Flipcharts, a technique added to the chapter on process tools A meeting design template, including a list of key meeting components The improved flow and layout of this edition of Facilitation at a Glance makes it even more user-friendly than the original



NameFacilitation at a Glance 2nd Edition