Finding Contentment in a Chaotic World, 1st Edition


This is a book that combines deep wisdom and practical exercises that can forever change your life. In Finding Contentment in a Chaotic World, Karen Nutter walks you down the path of letting go of fear, knowing and accepting who you are, and developing the practices necessary to find inner peace. Based on years of coaching executives, managers, and people from all walks of life, her teachings are simple, relatable, and like a breath of fresh air in our all-too-often chaotic world.

About the Author

Karen Nutter is an Executive Coach and Founder of CBK Advising. She has assisted countless companies, leaders, and sales professionals in the development of more organized and effective business practices and communications. Karen focuses on helping people recognize their strengths and motivations and facilitates train-the-trainer programs for HR Directors, Corp. Trainers, and business owners to help them learn how to use scientific assessments for training, recruitment, and succession plans.

Additional Info


NameFinding Contentment in a Chaotic World, 1st Edition
AuthorKaren D. Nutter
Published Year2021
Page Count77
Book PublisherKaren D. Nutter