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HIRE with FIRE: The Relationship-Driven Interview and Hiring Method

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Creating an engaged workforce starts with how you hire and who you hire.

We all want to hire top talent that will be engaged and passionate about their work.  But how do you know which candidate will bring these important traits to your company? The answer is to hire with FIRE.

Hiring Book and Interview Guide for Managers

In this hiring and interview guide for managers, the authors explain their “FIRE Interview Process” and the benefits of implementing a relationship-driven interview and hiring method.  As you read HIRE with FIRE,  you will explore how to:

·        Develop a strategic hiring plan that will move your organization and its human capital successfully into the future.

·        Write a job description that can guide the selection, onboarding, and performance review processes.

·        Create interviewing questions that can guide you quickly through the selection process and help you hire the right person for the job.

·        Select the right candidate.  Through the acronym, FIRE, you will discover four key traits found in successful employees and learn how to screen candidates for these important traits. 

·        Implement a new relationship-driven approach into your company’s hiring process; which will  help you to recruit top talent for years to come. 

·        Improve the candidate experience and build an employer brand that will continue to attract, engage, and retain top talent. 

Discover Four Key Traits to Help You Hire the Right People

As the authors discuss the FIRE Interview Method, you will find new concepts to help you determine if a candidate is the right fit for your company.  The authors will provide you with examples of interview questions and ideas on how to structure your interview format to create a positive candidate experience.

In addition, Hire with Fire will discuss how to hire people who are “on fire” for your company. As a manager, your goal is to hire the best person with the key skills and abilities to perform the job well. However, it may be equally important to hire someone who is passionate about their work. Employees who are passionate, “on fire,” and engaged are typically high achievers and top performers who can positively impact your company’s culture, potential for growth and your bottom line.

Build Your Employer Brand

HIRE with FIRE offers you and your management team an inside look into the mind of the candidate and hiring manager as they progress through the hiring process. These insights will guide your team to a more systematic approach to interviewing and hiring, thereby altering any decisions based solely upon gut-reaction.

By comparing the hiring process to a personal relationship, the authors will help you view hiring from a broader human relationship perspective. Their insight, as well as comments from leading management professionals, will help you build successful relationships with both candidates and future employees that will benefit your company for years to come.

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About the Authors

Denise Wilkerson is the founder and CEO of Global Edge Recruiting®, a premier executive search and recruitment firm. She has recruited top talent and provided HR and organizational development services to hundreds of Fortune 500 and small start-up companies. Denise started her career in nursing and gained valuable human relations experience across varied clinical settings.

Randy Wilkerson is the Vice-President of Recruitment Services at Global Edge Recruiting. Prior to joining Global Edge, Randy was a successful sales representative with several Fortune 500 companies including Xerox Corporation and Janssen Pharmaceuticals, a division of Johnson and Johnson.

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NameHIRE with FIRE: The Relationship-Driven Interview and Hiring Method
AuthorDenise Wilkerson^Randy Wilkerson
Published Year2019
Page Count165
PublisherDandyworx Productions