HR How To: Workplace Safety

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HR How-To: Workplace Safety is one of the books in the new CCH® HR How-To Series, which presents the key information you need to know concerning important human resource issues. Delivered in a matter-of-fact, "conversational" style, the Series provides an easy-to-scan listing of typical topics and questions most often asked by HR professionals. The content is explained in easy-to-follow terms, and then demonstrated through "stories" in order to apply the concepts to realistic and familiar workplace settings. The information is intuitively organized by the professional's day-to-day encounter with real-world issues.

HR How-To: Workplace Safety covers topics such as how to: recruit with safety in mind; design a workplace safety program; reduce ergonomic hazards; and ready your workplace for disasters and other threats.

Benefits and features include a "What You Need to Know" section where critical must-know issues are presented in a quick fact form and "What-If" scenarios that explore gray areas, providing insights into real-life, challenging situations.

Within these scenarios you'll also see: best practices to learn what has worked effectively for others; worst case scenarios (often the most effective way to learn); what went wrong for others and how to avoid the same results; strategies for communicating information to your workforce, including samples, case studies, graphical representations, mnemonics, and more.

This book contains checklists that summarize the information most useful to your HR work; step-by-step how-to's; self audits; and, quizzes to measure retention of material learned.

NameHR How To: Workplace Safety
AuthorLisa A. Milam-Perez
Published Year2005
Page Count274