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Happier Hour with Einstein: Another Round

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For centuries, we've grappled with the meaning of intelligence and the best way to measure it. We now know that intelligence is not fixed and each of us can increase intellectual capacity. Over the last few decades, advances in technology and neuroscience have illuminated fascinating discoveries about how the brain works and our capacity for learning, decision-making, problem-solving, communication and creativity. Scientists can now peek inside the brain to observe the factors that influence how we learn, process emotions, make decisions, and interact with others. 

Explore the amazing human brain and discover the neuroscience and behavioral psychology of stress, optimism, gratitude, mindset, and unconscious biases that influence our personal and professional lives and shape the mental models we construct of the world. From employee engagement and organizational culture to goal-setting and procrastination to relationships with others, Dr. Hughes mines recent brain-based research to deliver simple, applicable strategies that improve performance and outcomes in our professional and personal lives. 

About the Author 
Dr. Melissa Hughes is the President and Founder of The Andrick Group. Melissa has a Ph.D. in Curriculum and Instruction and specializes in recent brain-based research that illuminates effective learning and personal growth. Having worked with learners from the classroom to the boardroom, she incorporates brain-based research in "plain speak" with humor and practical strategies to change the way we think, learn, communicate and collaborate.

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NameHappier Hour with Einstein: Another Round
AuthorMelissa Hughes
Published Year2018
Page Count237
PublisherThe Andrick Group