Harassment: Sex, Religion, and Beyond -- Employee/Manager Combination Package

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Save money by combining the Manager and Employee versions of the newest harassment training.

Every employee needs to understand one basic truth: a respectful workplace is more pleasant and more productive for everyone.

This new training series brings this message home, showing that bad behavior is not OK—whether it applies to sex, religion, or anything beyond…and whether it actually crosses the line into illegal harassment or not.

In a series of compelling stories, the Employee version of this broadcast-quality film explains the law. But it also captures the imagination and personalizes the value of inclusiveness by showing the potential harm that can be caused by unwelcome conduct.

Examples of bad behavior shown in both versions:

  • Social media allows an embarrassing photo to make the rounds in a hospital.
  • Two guys on a city crew mistreat a “less macho” coworker.
  • Friction in a restaurant kitchen leads to insults for a busser from another country.
  • A religious coworker is excluded on a construction site.
  • A client puts pressure on a company rep for a “quid pro quo” exchange.
  • Two colleagues are offended by the inappropriate dress and flirtatious behavior of their coworkers.
  • Retaliation takes a subtle form but is no less against company policy—and against the law.

Supervisors and managers have the added responsibility of maintaining a harassment-free work environment for everyone. Using the compelling stories from the employee program, the Manager version explains to supervisors the potential harm that can be caused by unwelcome conduct, and their responsibility for preventing it. They receive specific instruction on steps they should take in meeting these responsibilities.

Managers will learn how to:

  • be aware of what affects their workgroup, including improper use of social media
  • periodically conduct workplace audits, looking for inappropriate items
  • respond to complaints of inappropriate behavior
  • conduct investigations or assist HR/legal, depending on organizational structure
  • inform employees that retaliation will not be tolerated.

This video portrays supervisors who step in early, before problems escalate. And it emphasizes the theme that a respectful workplace is more pleasant and more productive—which, in the end, makes their job easier.

In both versions, the attorney moderators, Stephanie Schaeffer and Greg Dehm, provide commentary on the stories and discuss the issues frankly and openly. Managers are provided with concise direction concering their specific responsibilities.

These new programs help viewers take to heart the positive message of this film—that everyone shares in the responsibility to maintain a civil, respectful workplace. And this makes going to work better for everybody!

[CC] Closed Captioned

Duration: 43 Minutes

Additionally, these videos may be purchased separately: Employee Version (19 minute run time) Manager Version (24 minute run time)

Here are a few sample clips of the Employeee Version of theDVD

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Here are a few clips from the Manager's Version DVD:


Here are a few clips of the DVD

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Purchase study guides for each of your participants! Study Guides are sold in packs of 10. Each employee and manager trained using this program is required to have their own study guide. Purchase additional employee study guides here   and   purchase additional manager study guides here.  

ATrainer's Manual for the Manager version and aTrainer's Manual for the Employee version can also be purchased seperately. The Trainer's Manuals help you build your training program around the DVD content. Plus, purchase additional Trainer's Manuals to allow multiple trainer's to facilitate the course!

NameHarassment: Sex, Religion, and Beyond -- Employee/Manager Combination Package
Published Year2012

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