How to Measure Human Resource Management

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You may know how critical the human resources function is to the overall success of your company. The problem is that top management may not know! In this era of increasing cost and budget justification, HR professionals need not only make their function more responsive to organizational changes, they need to prove their contribution to the bottom line. But that's not possible unless you can accurately measure the efficiency and productivity of your department in the quantitative terms the "number crunchers" understand ... and respect!

This new third edition of How to Measure Human Resources Management shows you how to do just that. It's a one-of-a-kind book that:

  • enables you to upgrade your standing in the company by showing the effectiveness of your department through solid, factual, and verifiable data;
  • justify your toughest managerial decisions - ranging from how many additional staff people to hire to how much to spend on your training program - with specific numbers obtained from easy-to-use mathematical formulas;
  • quantify your department's contribution to the overall bottom line;
  • set firm, achievable goals and priorities;
  • collect numerical data on costs, time, and the quantity and quality of work and
  • accurately measure virtually anything you want to measure - from a specific task to the way your entire department is organized.

The basic methodology you'll learn in the pages of this book will enable you to objectively evaluate all your human resources activities ... among them: staff planning, pay and benefits systems, training and development projects, employee and labor relations, HRIS services, retention and absence control, and much more!



NameHow to Measure Human Resource Management
AuthorJac Fitz-enz
Published Year2002
Page Count350