Human Capital Management: Leveraging Your Workforce for a Competitive Advantage

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We're constantly looking for ways to make our companies or organizations more successful. We often ask ourselves: "What can we do to develop and drive maximum organizational performance?" "How can we separate ourselves from the competition?"� "How can we build a long-term sustainable advantage?"� It used to be that organizations could differentiate themselves through such means as product leadership, advanced technology, geographic coverage or process management tools and systems. But in today's ultra-competitive global business environment, these advantages are short-term and temporary. The reality is that the only long-term sustainable advantage that remains is the "people."� However, leveraging your workforce as a practice isn't so easy to understand, let alone accomplish"¦ unless you have a roadmap or path to help you along the way. Human Capital Management: Leveraging Your Workforce for a Competitive Advantage is just that. Your roadmap to maximizing your most important organizational asset: your people. This roadmap is centered on Human Capital Management as a practice, and focuses on how to successfully implement organizational goals that are heavily reliant on the collective efforts of the people in your organization. This book is practical, and from a seasoned business executive's point of view. It's relevant for any size organization, both for profit and not-for-profit. Real-life examples are included to support the principles and key learning points. This book was written primarily for people who are in a position to directly and significantly influence an organization through its human capital, that is, CEOs, HR managers and other leaders who are charged with the responsibility to make their organizations successful. It's also applicable to aspiring managers, professionals, and students who can learn new organizational and management techniques that will be helpful to them as they navigate their careers. Whether you're a student aspiring to be a business leader, an already seasoned exec or someone who would like to climb the ranks of their company, this book has plenty of resources to offer with supporting anecdotes that can help not only you, but your organization benefit as a whole.
NameHuman Capital Management: Leveraging Your Workforce for a Competitive Advantage
AuthorMark Salsbury
Published Year2013
Page Count230
PublisherCreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform