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Snapshots of Learning on Today's Topics. 

Throw out the PowerPoints and boring presentations and share an instant of your time with us discussing and ideating around today's top-of-mind HR topics and challenges.

Industry-leading HR professionals host these one-hour learning snapshot sessions to discuss on-topic, relevant HR challenges—while bringing a bit of levity to the profession.

Each session includes a 15 minute connect forum, giving you the chance to air your specific challenges, share new normal best practices, and genuinely help shape the way we work.

Episode 1: Instant Insights: Designing the Workplace for 2021 and Beyond

Hosted By: John Baldino, SHRM-SCP, Milton Perkins, SHRM-SCP, and Jonathan Siegel, Esq.

While employers have been reactive for most of 2020 responding to the current crisis, we will focus on what positives can be taken away, new information and process have been developed and how employers can design for the workplace moving forward. You will be challenged to discuss what workplace changes employers should consider for 2021 and beyond.

What is a virtual worker?

Discuss trends, forecasts, and general tactical practices to increase engagement. Also discussed is the business case for allowing virtual work—where is there savings, what are the productivity and retention level difference, and what does this possibly mean for social change in the workforce?

Mastering effective communication. We’ll take a look at a few areas of effectiveness in communication—Productive, Informative, Persuasive—that are often assumed, but rarely examined.

It's a jam-packed hour of insights you won't want to slip out of your focus. 

Live Showtime:

Wednesday | October 7, 2020

5:00 pm - 6:15 pm ET  

Episode 2: Instant Insights: Bringing Calm to the Chaos

Hosted By: Marla Bradley, SHRM-SCP, Mike Deblieux, SHRM-SCP,  S. Renee Smith-Larry, and Patricia Sullivan, SHRM-SCP

We start by unearthing two practices that will support your own credibility and confidence while deepening personal and professional relationships. Centering and seeking the emotion behind the words will help you bring your own calm to life’s chaos.

Are you seeing critical knowledge walk out the door?

Every day, employees with skills and knowledge essential to the organization depart, leaving behind a gap in critical operations.  Such gaps can cost businesses significant losses not only in financial terms but also in reputation and client relations.  But these losses are preventable.

Enter a deliberate, proven process for focusing on the business-critical, experience-based knowledge that underlies an organization’s competitive capability, namely your experts’ Deep Smarts®, and for transferring that know-how to others.

Why change management begins with you.

Some thrive on change, while others struggle to understand the need to change. Stuck in the middle are those who would like to change, but don't know how. As HR professionals we drive change and, therefore, are at the forefront of managing our own ability to adjust swiftly to moving targets. How do you help the organization and the people within it stay calm and productive during unpredictable times?

Coaching managers to coach.

HR Professionals are frequently challenged to guide a manager who is struggling with how to deal with an employee performance issue. Using six-steps you can help guide this discussion. The steps allow the manager to reset the discussion, approach the discussion with a collaborative mindset focused on creating an opportunity for success, and transform the relationship between the HR Professional and the Manager from a focus on what was not done to what must and can be done by the Manager.

Two Live Showtimes:

Wednesday | December 2, 2020

5:00 pm  - 6:35 pm ET


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