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Intentional Integrity: How Smart Companies Can Lead an Ethical Revolution


Defining integrity is difficult. Once understood as “telling the truth and keeping your word,” it was about following not just the letter but the spirit of the law. But in a moment when workplaces are becoming more diverse, global, and connected, silence about integrity creates ambiguities about right and wrong that make everyone uncertain, opening the door for the minority of people to rationalize selfish behavior. 

Trust in most traditional institutions is down -- government, religious organizations, and higher education -- and there’s a dark cloud hovering over technology. But this is precisely where companies come in; as peoples’ faith in establishments deteriorates, they’re turning to their employer for stability. 

In Intentional Integrity, Chesnut offers a six-step process for leaders to foster and manage a culture of integrity at work. He explains the rationale and legal context for the ethics and practices, and presents scenarios to illuminate the nuances of thinking deeply and objectively about workplace culture. We will always need governments to manage defense, infrastructure, and basic societal functions. But, Chesnut argues, the private sector has the responsibility to use sensitivity and flexibility to make broader progress -- if they act with integrity. 

About the Author 

Robert Chestnut is General Counsel of Airbnb, Inc. A graduate of Harvard Law School and the University of Virginia, he worked for fourteen years with the U.S. Justice Department as a prosecutor. He joined eBay in 1999 as its third lawyer and founded its Trust and Safety team. He joined Airbnb in 2016, overseeing a team of 125 legal professionals around the world, developing a popular employee program "Integrity Belongs Here" to help drive compliance throughout the company's culture.

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NameIntentional Integrity: How Smart Companies Can Lead an Ethical Revolution
AuthorRobert Chesnut
Published Year2020
Page Count320
Book PublisherSt. Martin's Press