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June Webcast Test Drive Talent Low Risk/High Reward

Do these challenges sound familiar?

  • We need new sources of proven talent.
  • We need diverse, fresh perspectives in our early hiring talent pool.
  • We need new hires ready to come into our businesses and hit the ground running.
  • We have partnerships with many regional colleges and universities. Is there more?
  • Intern vs. Co-op? What exactly IS a Co-op?

But why the University of Cincinnati?

Co-operative Education was born at the University of Cincinnati over one hundred years ago as a way for Engineering students to afford college – they went to school for a semester, then worked full-time for a semester to earn money to pay for the next semester of school – rinse and repeat. A very different model from the traditional internship program.

What emerged out of this experience a Co-operative Education philosophy and curriculum, instead of just a financial tool. We built the program from the ground up, working closely with industry to refine our curriculum, to creating a unique degree pathway, and bringing best practices from industry back into the classroom, and vice versa.

Mandatory Co-op programs at the University of Cincinnati include:

  • All Engineering majors.
  • All Design majors.
  • The Information Technology (IT) degree program

These are programs where students are enrolled in a 5-year rather than a 4-year program.

Co-op is our crown jewel and defining differentiator in a competitive higher ed environment. In fact, we are a top five university Co-op program in the nation. We graduate Co-op students with 1.5 years of professional experience so that when they begin their job search, they are years ahead of the competition. They graduate with a diploma in one hand and a robust resume in the other, ready for a fulfilling career.

What this means to you as an employer

  • An affordable way to build a talent pipeline for future full-time employees.
  • An injection of fresh ideas and perspectives into your own workforce.
  • A built-in leadership/mentorship program for your existing employees to coach and grow these students.