Leadership Essentials You Always Wanted To Know


Driven by the latest research on leadership, Leadership Essentials You Always Wanted To Know breaks down not only the traits of highly effective leaders but also how to use those traits in a variety of situations. The reader will gain an understanding of the attributes of an effective leader, the different roles of leaders, the impact of setting and context on leaders' choices, the integration of ethics into best practices, and trends influencing the evolution of leadership in the 21st century.

About the Author

Dr. Carrie A. Picardi, Ph.D., is an industrial/organizational psychologist with over 20 years of professional experience in human resource management, as a research analyst and consultant, and in academia as a tenured professor of management. She has led initiatives in the areas of leadership development, assessment center design and deployment, job analysis, talent acquisition and retention, compensation and total rewards, learning and development, performance management, & employee engagement.

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NameLeadership Essentials You Always Wanted To Know
AuthorDr. Carrie A. Picardi
Published Year2021
Page Count200
Book PublisherVibrant Publishers