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Leading Virtual Teams Toolkit- Individual

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Help your virtual team go from isolation to engagement. Leaders of virtual teams face unique challenges. Issues such as creating a shared context, facilitating effective communication, and ensuring commitment to projects, are more significant hurdles for virtual teams than they are for co-located teams. The Leading Virtual Teams Toolkit will help you manage your virtual team by providing you with best practices for establishing shared context, improving communication, and gaining commitment from your teammates.

With the Leading Virtual Teams Toolkit, you will have access to:

    Videos introducing the common challenges faced by global teams
  • Helpful explanations of the dimensions of culture and their impact on teams and work styles
  • Detailed scenes depicting unproductive team meetings; the scenes emphasize the common challenges faced by global teams
  • In-depth advice on how to more effectively plan, facilitate, participate in, and follow up on team meetings
  • Improved scenes demonstrating the advice in action
This Toolkit will help you to:
  • Understand the importance of context, communication, and commitment to the success of your virtual team
  • Promote improved collaboration and better teamwork between team members in different locations
  • Understand why certain behaviors accepted in your home country might not be effective when working on a virtual team or appropriate during a virtual meeting
  • Prepare for, facilitate, and follow up effectively in virtual meetings
The Leading Virtual Teams Toolkit is good for individuals leading or managing virtual teams or global employees.


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NameLeading Virtual Teams Toolkit- Individual