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Making a Difference: A Matter of Purpose, Passion & Pride, 2nd edition

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In Making a Difference, author Steve Gilliland brilliantly lays out three manageable means that make it possible for every person to unlock their potential and exert profound influence. Filled with inspirational anecdotes, laugh-out-loud humor, and thought provoking ideas, this book is an eye-opening journey that when put into practice, will make a considerable impact in your professional and personal life. As a master storyteller, Steve expounds on the essentials towards Making a Difference.

Where you live, the money you possess, the money you stand to inherit, your marriage, the car you drive, and the friends you appear to have are outward signs of success and not necessarily indicators of inner fulfillment. The amount we earn or the success we achieve produces emptiness unless it is in line with a purpose beyond ourselves.

This book demonstrates that you don't need a master's degree or a doctorate to make the world a better place. Making a Difference confirms that purpose is the essential ingredient to motivation and the ultimate path to making a difference; passion is what allows you to overcome challenges and disregard people who try to extend their misfortunes and negative outlook to you; and pride is about you and your expectations. It is about realizing the importance of your role in life and taking pride in everything you do! This book is a profound idea that will impact your life.

Foreword by HERB KELLEHER Co-Founder, Chairman Emeritus and Former CEO of SOUTHWEST AIRLINES.

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NameMaking a Difference: A Matter of Purpose, Passion & Pride, 2nd edition
AuthorSteve Gilliland
Published Year2019
Page Count192
Book PublisherPearhouse Press