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New York and Federal Labor Law Posters

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SUBJECT: ALERT: New York Electronic Posting Requirement
As of December 16, 2022, New York employers must make Labor Law Posters and other posted documents available electronically. In addition, employers must continue to display physical Labor Law Posters in the workplace. Employers must also notify employees that the postings are available electronically.

SHRM is pleased to provide you the opportunity to purchase J.J. Keller’s State and Federal Labor Law Posters through the SHRMStore. Each poster comes with an Update Service which helps make sure you’re always in compliance. Any time a mandatory change occurs, free revised posters will be sent automatically. Plus, J. J. Keller guarantees any properly displayed J. J. Keller posters are compliant – or they'll reimburse any fines!

Labor Law Poster Management Center
Update Service subscriptions also include access to J. J. Keller's Labor Law Poster Management Center. It offers a wealth of information regarding your Update Service and labor law posters, including ...
• Images of labor law posters to help answer questions and confirm up-to-date postings in an instant.
• Shipping information to monitor poster updates and estimated arrival time at all your company's locations.
• Quarterly Labor Law Poster Report newsletter featuring hot topics, regulatory activity, poster revisions, and other important news.
• Certificate of Compliance to show compliance officers J. J. Keller is your trusted source for labor law posters.

For more information, call 844-840-3449 or e-mail shrmstore@jjkeller.com

Mandatory New York Change - Effective January 1, 2024

The New York Department of Labor and Industry has made a mandatory change to the state’s minimum wage posting to show the new minimum wage rates taking effect on January 1, 2024.

Viewrecent and proposed changesaffecting labor law posters.

Effective 09/06/2023, under New York Labor Law Section 201-D, all employers must post a sign making employees aware of their rights under the Discrimination Against Engagement in Certain Activities law.


This State and Federal Poster Set includes one (1) New York Poster and one (1) Federal Labor Law poster.

New York Poster (30" x 24") includes these postings:

Minimum Wage - Bilingual
State of New York Division of Human Rights (Discrimination) - Bilingual
Licensure & Employment of Persons Previously Convicted - Article 23-A
Permitted Working Hours for Minors Under 18 (Child Labor)
Time Off to Vote

Federal Poster (20" x 24") includes these postings:

Minimum Wage (Fair Labor Standards Act, FLSA)
Job Safety and Health "It's the Law!" (OSHA 3165)
Employee Polygraph Protection Act (EPPA)
Know Your Rights: Workplace Discrimination is Illegal
Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA)
Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act (USERRA)

Supplementary poster Discrimination Against Engagement in Certain Activities posting (9.25" W x 14.25" H) included with purchase.

All posters are:

Durable, eco-friendly poly material that reduces the impact on the environment and holds up in high-traffic areas or outdoor displays.

Tabbed formatting makes information easy to find and read
Posting revision dates are highlighted for simple identification
Features QR Code to verify poster compliance status with a quick scan

Wage Order

Four states (CA, CT, NJ, and NY) require Wage Order postings for certain industries or occupations. Industry Wage Orders apply to all employees of companies that conduct business within a specific industry. CT, NY, CA, and NJ have industry wage orders only. Occupational Wage Orders apply only to employees engaged in occupations not covered by the industry wage orders. CA is the only state that has occupational wage order postings.

Have remote workers?

Easily communicate employment rights to your off-site workers with the electronic labor law poster service. Click here to learn more!

NOTE: If a customer location properly displaying J. J. Keller’s most current Labor Law Posters receives a government citation for improper posting content, J. J. Keller will reimburse paid fines properly imposed under state or federal law. Void if the Labor Law Posters are altered in any way. Requests for reimbursement must be submitted within 30 days of customer’s payment of fine and include a copy of the citation and proof of the amount paid.

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