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No Pegs, No Holes: The Psychology of Elite Performance


As important and helpful as the behavioral sciences have been for some aspects of business, when it comes to building a truly great workforce, psychology has been at best, completely inadequate. Many of our behavioral experts and much of our conventional wisdom about human behavior can actually make us worse at managing people. 

This book provides a straightforward, yet smart science that effectively addresses each of the above factors of elite performance. Offered here are practical ways to apply this science and gain an unmatched competitive advantage for your organization. More important, if you are open and ready, you will begin a fulfilling journey, and develop a smarter way of thinking about your leaders, managers and people. 

About the Author 

Bill Erickson has played a key role in building and studying great companies for over 40 years. After fifteen years as Executive Vice President of the Gallup Organization he was a founder of Human Resource Innovations, later to become Kenexa. Before Kenexa was acquired by IBM it had quickly become the largest provider of employee research. 

Bill is currently a Principal of Workforce Science Associates, LLC.

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NameNo Pegs, No Holes: The Psychology of Elite Performance
AuthorBill Erickson
Published Year2018
Page Count340
Book PublisherBooklocker.com