Power of a Good Fight

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Conflict--skillfully resolved-tends to develop more creative and vibrant organizations. To be viewed as a strategic business partner in your organization, you must develop your own conflict resolution skills and a reputation for leadership in this arena. Learn to welcome conflict as a precursor to change, trust-building and creativity. Contents Include: Leading the Way: How to Leverage Conflict into Success
The Leader as Detective: How to Uncover the Causes of Good and Bad Fights
The Power of Purpose: How to Use Your Mission and Values to Embrace Conflict
Five Beastly Conflict Coping Styles: How to Retrain Your Animal Instincts
When the Pit Bull Attacks: How to Soften Their Bite
When the Roadrunner Revs Up: How to Stop Others from Fleeing the Scene
When the Golden Retriever Wags Its Tail: How to Teach "Just Say No!"
When the Cobra Strikes: How to Tangle with a Triangulator
When Eagles Take Flight: How to Develop the Sight and Skills to Soar
A Creative Menagerie: How to Harness the Unique Styles
The Top Ten Steps: How to Use Conflict to Your Advantage
Prepare for Conflict: How to Move from Despairing to Preparing
Grace Under Fire: How to Skillfully Confront Others
Who's on First? How to Hear and Be Heard
Welcoming a Different Opinion: How to Be Confrontable
Making Changes Makes Waves: How to Swim, Not Sink
The Dogfight Referees: How to Mediate, Facilitate, and Survive
Avoid the Recount: How to Articulate a Clear Decision-Making Process
Getting to Yes Without Going to War: How to Build Consensus
Surfing the Waves of Conflict: How to Manage When the Conflict Tide Refuses to Recede
Saving an Endangered Species: How to Incubate Eagles

NamePower of a Good Fight
AuthorLynne Eisaguirre
Published Year2002
Page Count300
PublisherAlpha Books