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Preventing Workplace Harassment in a #MeToo World: A Guide to Cultivating a Harassment-Free Culture

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Designing Harassment Prevention That Really Works

For over 50 years, organizations have been implementing policies and procedures, conducting training, and imposing discipline for workplace harassment and discrimination. Yet each day we open the newspaper to see more issues arising—at multiple companies across multiple industries.

Combining a comprehensive study of employment practices with academic research on human behavior, Dominick uncovers what really prevents harassment in the workplace (and what does not) and authoritatively lays out how it must be addressed by leaders and HR professionals serious about stopping it.

There is no silver bullet to prevent and correct harassment, and this book presents a multifaceted and proactive approach that:

  • examines leadership behavior critical to promoting a culture of respect and establishing appropriate policies and behavior expectations;
  • supports a culture of respect with effective training, funding, reinforcement, modeling, investigative resources, and corrective and post-incident actions.

Only when an organization and its leadership are truly committed to proactively leading—by creating and inspiring a culture of respect within the workplace—will prevention and correction techniques have real impact.

Praise for Preventing Workplace Harassment in a #MeToo World

“Dominick has provided a much-needed roadmap for human resources professionals on how to act courageously when presented with bad behavior at any level.” — Patti Perkins, CEO/Owner, Calyx-Weaver & Associates

“This timely, must-have book addresses a crucial issue with just the right balance of context and relevance and provides much-needed clarity and practical advice that individuals and management can easily put to use.” — Carol K. Casler, M.Ed., LPC, Learning and Development Consulting, LLC

“A critical book at a critical time, this should not to be missed. Dominick thoughtfully explains the issues, shows why we need to readdress our efforts, and makes the business and cultural case for taking action.” — Mark Stevens, CEO and author, The Square and the Triangle Coaching & HR Consulting, Inc.

“Deftly weaving in decades of psychological research, the EEOC’s recent call to action, and organizational best practices, this book is laser-focused on what we now know and what everyone can do, including the vital role of organizational culture in sustaining an engaging, respectful workplace.” — Jan Salisbury, M.S., PCC, Salisbury Consulting

About the Author

Bobbi Dominick is an experienced employment-law attorney who helps employers prevent and resolve employment claims. She is an advisor to businesses in the private sector, nonprofits, and governmental entities on all phases of HR and employment law. Bobbi is nationally certified as a Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR) and served as an HR director for a large organization for three years, which means she understands HR systems and training and how to help employers prevent claims from reaching litigation. Bobbi is also the coauthor of the nationally published book Investigating Harassment and Discrimination Claims: A Practical Guide.

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NamePreventing Workplace Harassment in a #MeToo World: A Guide to Cultivating a Harassment-Free Culture
AuthorBobbi K. Dominick, Esq.
Published Year2018
Page Count192