SHRM Civility Journal & Pen

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Are You a Catalyst for Civility?

In 2024, SHRM is encouraging you to join us in starting 1 Million Civil Conversations. Civility breaks down barriers to self-expression and promotes employee well-being. Together, we can encourage inclusivity, bridge divides, and build understanding, one conversation at a time. Join the conversation #CivilityAtWork.

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SHRM Civility Journal & Pen Set

Take a step towards a more understanding workplace with the SHRM Civility Journal & Pen set. Join SHRM's campaign for 1 Million Civil Conversations and break down barriers to self-expression while promoting employee well-being.

Key Features:

  • Enjoy a premium writing experience with a high-quality journal and pen set.
  • Foster a more inclusive and understanding workplace environment.
  • Initiate crucial conversations that lead to a better work atmosphere.
  • Join SHRM's impactful 1 Million Civil Conversations campaign and make a difference.

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NameSHRM Civility Journal & Pen