Simon Says Dream: Live a Passionate Life (Simon Says, 1)

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L.I.F.E. Living it From Example and Exploring

Are you tired of being connected to life's negative forces (mediocrity, worry, fear, feeling unimportant, feeling unappreciated, unable to be what you want to become, etc.)? Being Yourself Matters is an inspiring, motivating, and thought provoking confessional, the purpose of this book is to cause you, the reader, to become excited about being yourself and to encourage you to take action NOW in exploring life without negative boundaries. It will stir-up your hunger to discover and connect with your authentic-self.

Being Yourself Matters is the answer to life's peace of mind, real success and true fulfillment it will enable you to explore examples of"¦

~ Confidence ~ Precepts ~ Truth ~ Triumphs ~ Positiveness ~ Freedom

NameSimon Says Dream: Live a Passionate Life (Simon Says, 1)
AuthorSimon T. Bailey
Published Year2003
Page Count108
PublisherInfinite Possibilities Pub Group