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The Comeback: A Modern HR Novel

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CEOs, Entrepreneurs and HR professionals will enjoy this fast-paced fictional adventure through the fundamentals of modern HR. Dominal Industries is battling a fierce new competitor and losing. 

With pressure building, CEO Mark Francis thinks his executive team can turn things around...with one exception: his Chief Human Resources Officer Jen Schmidt and her team are struggling to fill critical positions and reduce turnover. With her career in the balance, Jen starts working with a quirky, slinky-wielding consultant named Meg Beecham, who challenges Jen to reimagine her approach. 

You'll be cheering Jen on as she shakes up her department and turns HR into a secret weapon that drives business success. Whether you want to reduce turnover, increase revenue, or simply create a place where people love to work, "The Comeback" is an engaging corporate novel that inspires new respect for the competitive advantage modern HR offers. 

About the Author 

Annissa Deshpande is a former HR executive of a Fortune 500 where she oversaw the successful hiring of over 20k people in 150 countries annually and designed internal talent initiatives to achieve business results. She founded loglab in 2015 and now combines her 20+ experience in finance, IT, and strategy to help companies modernize HR to grow revenue and create a place where people love to work.

Additional Info


NameThe Comeback: A Modern HR Novel
AuthorAnnissa Deshpande
Published Year2021
Page Count200
Publisherloglab, LLC