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The Cultural Fit Factor: Creating an Employment Brand That Attracts, Retains, and Repels the Right Employees

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The Cultural Fit Factor informs HR professionals and other business leaders that when and if an organization has carefully evaluated its belief systems and ensured that employees believe in the same principles and values, it can focus its energy and activity in powerful ways to achieve organizational goals. This must be articulated in clear, consistent terms. The organization must live its values. Employees, potential employers, customers, and vendors know if you mean it — their instincts and intuition tell them instantly if you mean what you say, and your actions show it. If your organization is unclear about its values, or not living them, an incongruence in your employer branding emerges, which undermines your recruitment and retention efforts. You may attract qualified candidates, but qualified candidates that don't mesh with your organization culture tend not to stay long.

The Cultural Fit Factor demonstrates how companies with high employee value propositions attract talented, capable employees that fit into their organizations and how they politely but firmly repel those that don't.

Key Features of this Book:

  • Provides a critical discussion on how to increase the ROI of recruitment and retention.
  • Discusses the influence of sustainability on branding--especially to the younger talent pool.
  • Explores the impact of mergers and acquisitions on organizational culture.
  • Includes a practical employment branding tool kit.

Table of Contents:

  • Chapter 1. The Foundation for Integrating Organizational Culture and the Employment Brand
  • Chapter 2. So What Is Organizational Culture?
  • Chapter 3. Employment Branding and the Employee Value Proposition
  • Chapter 4. Values Create Cultures
  • Chapter 5. Attract, Retain, Repel to Increase the ROI of Recruitment and Retention
  • Chapter 6. The Mad Hatter: Human Resources as a Marketer
  • Chapter 7. The Great Divide: Generational Differences and How to Create an Employment Brand That Bridges the Gap
  • Chapter 8. Sustainability and Branding: Going Green
  • Chapter 9. Combining Culture and Brand in a Merger or Acquisition
  • Chapter 10. The Employment Branding Tool Kit: How to Build a Brand
  • Afterword
  • Appendix A Employment Branding Study Results (2006 and 2008)
  • Appendix B Qualitative Research: Interviews with Industry Experts

About the Author

Lizz Pellet is the CEO of EMERGE International (www.emergeinternational.com), a California-based consultancy firm dedicated to improving the ROI of organizational culture, employment branding, and transformational change efforts. She is also a Fellow from Johns Hopkins University. She is the author of Getting Your Shift Together: Making Sense of Organizational Culture and Change: Introducing Cultural Due Diligence. Lizz is a member of the National Speakers Association and has presented more than 70 professional learning sessions in the past few years.

Praise for the Book

"In her book The Cultural Fit Factor, Lizz Pellet reveals how to use employment branding to convey the real culture of your organization and find people who really fit! This is the ultimate guide to finding the right fit for any professional experience!" -- Marshall Goldsmith is the New York Times bestselling author of Succession: Are You Ready? and What Got You Here Won't Get You There - a WSJ #1 business book and Harold Longman Award winner for Business Book of the Year.

"At Zappos, our culture is built on attracting and retaining employees whose personal values match our corporate core values, and weeding out those that, while talented, simply won't mesh with our values. The Culture Fit Factor explains why this is so critical for organizations and provides practical tools for getting it done." -- Tony Hsieh, CEO, Zappos.com

“Lizz Pellet's Cultural Fit Factor is a keeper: 2 closely aligned views of Branding magnetically suspending Talent Management between Attract and Repel."-- Gerry Crispin, Chief Navigator, CareerXroads

"A book 'fit' for strategic thinkers and innovative HR leaders in the 21st century."-- Peter Weddle, CEO WEDDLE's Research & Publishing

“Use this easily digested material as your guide not only for getting the right people into your organization but for keeping them energized and committed well into the future.� -- Lauryn Franzoni, Vice President and Executive Director, ExecuNet

"Lizz Pellet has written a cleverly-delivered, hands-on guide for an until-now intangible process. Can a business book be a page turner? YES! Do as she says and become a hero in your company."-- Dick Finnegan, President, Finnegan | Mackenzie, and author of Rethinking Retention in Good Times and Bad: Breakthrough Ideas for Keeping Your Best Workers

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NameThe Cultural Fit Factor: Creating an Employment Brand That Attracts, Retains, and Repels the Right Employees
AuthorLizz Pellet
Published Year2009
Page Count168
Book PublisherSHRM