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The Executive Guide to Facilitating Strategy

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Far too often, people experience strategic planning as a wasted activity-painful, unproductive, and irrelevant to the issues at hand. And once planning is done, the product usually gets put on a shelf, never to be looked at again.

The Executive Guide to Facilitating Strategy provides executives, leaders and facilitators with a step-by-step resource for guiding their team through all phases of the strategic planning process - from gaining the team's buy-in to do planning and identify strategic issues, all the way through organization alignment, implementation, monitoring and making adjustments.

This book delivers the Drivers Model, a powerful tool to help you facilitate your organization through the development of a strategic plan from start to finish, whether you lead a corporation, government agency, non-profit organization, business unit, department, or team. The Drivers Model is a simple but dynamic process that covers the seven key principles for masterful planning, from thoroughly identifying critical issues to establishing a rigorous process for driving successful implementation.

  You'll also discover -

  • The 10 common planning pitfalls and how to avoid them;
  • How to facilitate your team through mission and vision creation;
  • Strategies for setting measurable targets and deciding priorities;
  • How to use critical success factors and barriers to focus your plan;
  • Techniques for moving your values from a plaque on the wall to serving as a guide for decision-making every day; and
  • A process for monitoring progress and promoting positive accountability.

The book is chock-full of tools and techniques and includes over 400 examples of mission statements, goals, guiding principles, strategies, agendas, and process checklists.  Experienced practitioners will especially like the quality checks included for each component of the plan so that you can be sure that what you create is effective and thorough. In summary, The Executive Guide to Facilitating Strategy guides you in your role as an effective facilitator of change by providing you a proven framework that you can use immediately in just about any kind of planning you may need to do.

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NameThe Executive Guide to Facilitating Strategy
AuthorMichael Wilkinson
Published Year2011
Page Count284
PublisherLeadership Strategies Publishing