The Global Etiquette Guide to Europe: Everything You Need to Know for Business and Travel Success

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Ideal for Everyone from Global Executives to Globe-Hopping Tourists

Did you know:
* In Switzerland, a kiss on the cheek can be either expected-or deeply offensive?
* If you don't want to share in after-dinner drinks in Hungary, you'd better have a good excuse-like doctor's orders?

In today's high-stakes, highly charged international business world, you simply can't afford a misunderstood gesture, an ill-placed word, or a misinformed judgment. The Global Etiquette Guide to Europe shows both business and leisure travelers how to understand, appreciate, and manage-as well as maximize the benefits of-the myriad cultural differences that can exist between you and your European business hosts. This fact-filled cultural guidebook provides detailed advice on:

* Dining * Drinking * Speaking * Eye contact * Hailing a taxi
* Dress * Negotiating * Gift giving * Conducting a meeting
* Tipping * Holidays * Dealing with authorities

Just as customs vary greatly between Europe and the United States, so do they vary among the diverse nations of Europe. What is proper and expected in France, for example, may be a deal-breaker in Sweden. The Global Etiquette Guide to Europe will familiarize you with the customs, habits, tastes, and mores of every key European nation-nearly forty in all-and help you guarantee the mutual respect and acceptance that are vital for keeping every international business relationship agreeable, effective, and successful.
NameThe Global Etiquette Guide to Europe: Everything You Need to Know for Business and Travel Success
AuthorDean Foster
Published Year2000
Page Count400