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The Neurodivergent Job Candidate: Recruiting Autistic Professionals

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This book provides guidance on recruiting, interviewing, and onboarding practices that will allow employers to successfully hire neurodivergent professionals into inclusive, competitive employment.

Today, 35% of 18-year-olds with an autism spectrum diagnosis attend college, yet they have a 75–85% under-employment and unemployment rate after graduation. While organizations are looking to expand their diversity and inclusion hiring efforts to include neurodivergent professionals, current recruiting and interviewing practices in general are not well-suited to this. With over one-third of the US population identifying as neurodivergent, employers need to address how to attract this talent pool to take advantage of a meaningful segment of the workforce.

Readers of this book will gain an understanding of how to guide their organizations through the creation of recruiting, interviewing, and onboarding processes tailored to neurodivergent professionals in any field.

About the Authors

Marcia Scheiner is the President and Founder of Integrate Autism Employment Advisors. She is also a frequent speaker on how to create a successful workplace for autistic professionals. Prior to founding Integrate in 2010, Ms. Scheiner held senior management positions at Zurich Financial Services, Chase Manhattan Bank and Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce.

Ms. Scheiner is a graduate of Wellesley College and has an MBA from Columbia University's Graduate School of Business. She is the parent of an adult son with autism.

Joan Bogden is a Content and Media Training Coach and the President of Blonde 'n Blue Productions. She has over 30 years of experience in the communications and training industry and has a BA in psychology from Vassar College.

Ms. Bogden received an MA in clinical psychology from Fordham University, where she was also a published researcher and a doctoral candidate in that field.

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NameThe Neurodivergent Job Candidate: Recruiting Autistic Professionals
AuthorMarcia Scheiner | Joan Bogden
Published Year2021
Page Count200
Book PublisherRoutledge