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The Self Determined Manager: A Manifesto for Exceptional People Managers

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The Self Determined Manager by David Deacon offers a chance to think differently about the best way to be manager. Long the unsung heroes, managers are actually the key ingredient that makes the difference in great companies, and the true work of the manager is to create an environment for their team - whether that's one other person or thousands of people - where they can be hugely successful, more successful than they realized was possible. The best managers are conscious, deliberate, highly skilled leaders of their teams. They are Self Determined Managers, and this book is written for everyone who wants to be better at this vital role.

The Self Determined Manager shares with readers across 10 chapters the attitudes, actions and agendas of the very best people managers. Covering both what they do, and the approach they take, the book details the ways in which Self Determined Managers make a difference to their teams and their companies.

About the Author

David Deacon has been a human resources professional for over thirty years, and passionate about how managers manage for almost as long. He has worked for a variety of the world's leading companies, including MasterCard and Credit Suisse, and has lived and worked in the US, the UK, and Asia.

A thought-leader in the fields of learning and development, talent management and leadership development, he has influenced leaders and teams around the world and created better-managed companies as a result. Recognized by the Best Practice Institute as a "Best Organizational Practitioner" in 2014, he continues to drive impact through leading world-class talent management approaches in the companies where he works.

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NameThe Self Determined Manager: A Manifesto for Exceptional People Managers
AuthorDavid Deacon
Published Year2019
Page Count148
Book PublisherMotivational Press, Inc.