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Touching People's Lives: Leaders' Sorrow or Joy

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In Touching People’s Lives, Mike Losey, former SHRM CEO and master storyteller, offers a wellspring of experience and inspiration on the challenge for all leaders charged with the development of people to responsibly cultivate compassion, integrity, courage, and accountability in all they do, regardless of how difficult the challenge.

Along the way Losey gives readers a front row seat to many of the major developments in the field of Human Resource Management and reveals his own journey of connecting HR to the business, managing diversity, working on competencies, ensuring ethics, and helping to create a profession.

He also challenges HR professionals to aspire to be more than just exceptional leaders, but HR leaders who engender exceptional leadership throughout their organizations.

About the Author: 

Michael R. Losey, SPHR, CAE,is a past president and CEO of the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM). Before being named to the Society’s top position in 1990, Losey previously served 30 years in HR management and executive level positions with two Fortune corporations. He has been active in international human resources and is a past president of the North American Human Resource Management Association (NAHRMA) and the World Federation of Personnel Management Associations (WFPMA). He has also served on the board of directors of SHRM, the SHRM Foundation and the Human Resource Certification Institute. Losey has authored more than 60 articles, co-edited Tomorrow’s HR Management (John Wiley & Sons, 1997) and The Future of Human Resource Management (John Wiley & Sons, 2005). He has previously testified in Congress on pending workforce and labor issues. 


“Respected and responsible leaders like Michael Losey know that leadership is not about them—it’s about the people they serve. The unique stories and first-person experiences Mike shares here are told, unmistakably, from a servant leader’s point of view. Touching People’s Lives will touch your heart and show you how to be a more compassionate human being and leader.” — Ken Blanchard, coauthor of The New One Minute Manager and Collaboration Begins with You

Touching People’s Lives gives us a first-hand look at some of the major developments in the field of employment, the people who made them happen, and what they meant to the businesses and employees who experienced them. A great read and an important reminder of the human dimension to all important business decisions.” — Peter Cappelli, George W. Taylor Professor of Management, The Wharton School, and Professor of Education, University of Pennsylvania

“How can you be sure that your leadership is respected, followed and shared with others? How can you truly be a ‘force-multiplier’ within your organization? Mike Losey’s brilliant Touching People’s Lives is a roadmap for not just HR professionals but all those leaders who, by the very nature of their job, impact everyone’s professional life in one way or the other with every move they make. The immediate take-away value from this book will enable you to have a more positive, uplifting role in the development of those for whom you are entrusted to nurture and help grow.” — Harry Rhoads Jr., Co-CEO, Washington Speakers Bureau

Touching People’s Lives offers many poignant examples of the negative impact on people when accountable leaders do not lead and challenges all levels of leadership to more accurately anticipate the future and thus more affirmatively touch people’s lives.” — Michael J. Lotito, Esq., Co-Chair, Littler Workplace Policy Institute

“Mike Losey is certainly well respected in the human resources/talent management field. He is also an equally talented leader in the association management field and his leadership methods shared in his new book were instrumental in not only growing SHRM into a powerhouse professional society, but in developing SHRM as a model for other associations to emulate.” — John H. Graham IV, CAE, FASAE, president & CEO, American Society of Association Executives

“This heartfelt book from a master storyteller underscores the critical need for leaders to act with integrity, no matter how difficult the challenge. It clearly illustrates the unintended consequences of failing to do right and reminds us of the huge responsibility bestowed upon leaders, who can easily forget the reach of their impact. Mike Losey is a truly courageous leader, and the experiences he shares in this book inspire me to live up to his high standards. It’s a must-read for anyone in a leadership role!” — Kate Herbst, SPHR, Principal Consultant, One Red Crow

Table of Contents:                                    

Foreword by David Ulrich, Ph.D., University of Michigan


Chapter 1 Michael

Chapter 2 A Call from the Chairman’s Office

Chapter 3 A Case Study (Burroughs and Sperry Merger)

Chapter 4 No Greater Sorrow

Chapter 5 Anticipating the Future: The Most Important Part of Management

Chapter 6 Mr. Wynn—Lessons Learned

Chapter 7 Touching People’s Lives—More Learning

Chapter 8 Government Touching People’s Lives

Chapter 9 The U.S. Congress and the Laws It Passed But Did Not Follow

Chapter 10 The Senator and His Aide: Compounding Misinformation

Chapter 11 The Competency Equation

Chapter 12 Advocacy

Chapter 13 Having Time for One Employee’s Issue

Chapter 14 Globally Touching People’s Lives: It Will Not Work in My Country

Chapter 15 When You Discover Something Is Just Not Right, What Do You Do?

Chapter 16 What Would You Do If You Were the CEO?

Chapter 17 Business Ethics—Leaders’ Responsibilities

Chapter 18 Leadership Made Simple, Not Easy

Chapter 19 Self-Development

Chapter 20 Michael Revisited


About the Author

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EPUB ISBN: 978-1-856-44433-0

MOBI ISBN: 978-1-586-44434-1 


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NameTouching People's Lives: Leaders' Sorrow or Joy
AuthorMichael Losey
Published Year2017
Page Count236