Uncommon Sense Management (Sixth Edition)


Are you too busy to do your job? Does there seem to be a lack of commonality of purpose in your business? This book, using effective communication methods shows you how to find and fix the root causes of lack of employee engagement and productivity.

About the Author

Dan Purkey is the President of The Open Door Group, a consulting firm that specializes in helping management move entire organizations to achieve results not thought possible. He has 30+ years of experience in business working at the executive level in Operations and HR with and for companies as large as Fortune 500 and as small as 15 employees. He has a BA in Education from the University of Washington and a Masters degree in Business Organizational Leadership from City University of Seattle.

Additional Info


NameUncommon Sense Management (Sixth Edition)
AuthorDan Purkey
Published Year2018
Page Count290
Book PublisherAmazon and The Open Door Group, LLC