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WE: Men, Women, and the Decisive Formula for Winning at Work

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On almost a daily basis, we read stories in the news about high-profile male leaders, CEOs, venture capitalists, and entrepreneurs harassing and acting inappropriately toward the women with whom they work. Following such revelations, these men generally lose their jobs, and their companies lose valuable female talent, customers/clients, and their reputations. And, although we regularly hear stories about the ""bro culture"" that obstructs women's progress and creates hostile work environments for them, we haven't heard as much about the efforts of good men who want to change the in-office behavior of their teams and companies so that they and women they work with can realize their full potential and their businesses can thrive. This book teaches men and managers how to respond in these situations and how to lead by example.

In WE: Men, Women, and the Decisive Formula for Winning at Work, Rania Anderson lends her guidance on this exact topic. Social mores have changed, and yet, well-intentioned managers simply don't always know what to do and what's appropriate and useful to actively recruit, retain, and advance more women into leadership. They want to be told how this can make a difference to them and how they can make a difference— this book shows you how to improve your own results and win in business.

About the Author

Rania H. Anderson is an international keynote speaker, award-winning author, executive business coach, and angel investor. Globally sought after by Fortune 100 companies, entrepreneurs and leaders for her practical advice and tangible insights, she transforms the way men and women work, lead and succeed together. Rania is also a leading expert on the career and business advancement of women in developing and emerging economies and the founder of TheWayWoMenWork.com. She is fueled by the deep belief that businesses and the global economy can only thrive when men and women work and lead equally.

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NameWE: Men, Women, and the Decisive Formula for Winning at Work
AuthorRania H. Anderson
Published Year2018
Page Count240
PublisherJohn Wiley & Sons, Inc.