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Welbot is an innovative, evidence-based corporate workplace wellness platform designed to improve employee health and wellbeing whilst in the office or when working remotely from home. 
The enterprise software features daily physical and mental health exercises including hydration, nutrition, and screen breaks, which are all delivered through desktop notifications. 
As well as promoting a healthy positive culture, Welbot actively helps to reduce health insurance costs, improves employee wellbeing, and increases EAP take up and engagement. 
The "enterprise ready" platform integrates with any existing wellness programs and features custom signposting to health and wellbeing resources and employee benefits. It also includes a fully anonymized usage and mood reporting system. 

Welbot is tailored to small (1-49 employees), medium (50-999 employees) and enterprise (1,000+ employees) organizations alike and includes sophisticated insight gathering and reporting as well as internationalization, customization, and white labeling—all while keeping privacy, security, and safety at the forefront. 


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