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Whistleblowing, Reporting & Retaliation (Basic)- Individual

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New laws and recent cases have changed the breadth of protections against whistleblower retaliation. In recent years, the U.S. Supreme Court has actively expanded retaliation protections, and whistleblower retaliation claims now represent the number one claim filed with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC). More than 40 federal laws--and many more at the state level--extend protections to employees who report suspected violations of the law. Highly-publicized whistleblowing protections and benefits, such as those available under Dodd-Frank's controversial bounty hunter program, have created an increased need for organizations to educate their employees and managers about the internal mechanisms available for resolving complaints--as well as the need for whistleblower training and retaliation training.

The employee version is specifically designed to help build trust in an organization's internal reporting procedures by educating employees about what and how to report--and assuring them that the organization prohibits retaliation.

Topics covered:
  • Obligation to understand and comply with the organization's policies
  • Benefits of complying with the law and policy
  • Importance of making an immediate internal report about suspected misconduct
  • Negative consequences that can result from failing to make an internal report
  • Types of suspected misconduct that should be reported, including specific interactive experiences on revenue recognition, insider trading, government fraud and bribery
  • Making an internal report
  • Policy against retaliation
  • Importance of asking questions and seeking advice

Duration: 30 minutes

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NameWhistleblowing, Reporting & Retaliation (Basic)- Individual