Without Excuses

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This year alone, organizations across America will spend billions on diversity training, hundreds of millions on diversity consultants, and as much as 70% of their recruiting budgets on recruiting diverse candidates. Yet despite this level of investment, executives and HR professionals everywhere are wringing their hands in frustration. They've tried really, really hard to build diversity, but they just can't seem to move the numbers. Without Excuses: Unleashing the Power of Diversity to Build Your Business calls these well-intentioned professionals on the carpet. The book challenges their assumptions and strips away the excuses that have allowed them to fail. It then offers a productive alternative -- a proven, step-by-step strategic plan for success, and a list of resources to get the job done. Not only does the book provide practical tips on everything from Web site strategies, advertising, recruiting and interviewing, it also provides tremendous insight into the real problem holding companies back: fear of the unfamiliar. The book offers practical strategies for overcoming racial differences, and challenges the reader to push past the limits of his or her own comfort zone into the brave new world of diversity.

NameWithout Excuses