Workforce Champion: Breaking Through

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Imagine greater and break through. So many people fumble through life, taking for granted the seemingly minor workforce opportunities. Whether working for self or others, everyone experiences the pressures of life. What is the difference between champions and others? Champions grow. They take what they have on the inside and nurture it. They imagine better, learn, and put actions behind their words. When opportunity comes, champions are ready. In spite of the obstacles, champions break through.

About the Author

LaTonya McElroy has created/seeded, developed, motivated, challenged/staked, transplanted, pruned, and nurtured People, Systems, Departments, Programs, and Processes to peak wellness and performance. She has accomplished this in nearly every area of Human Resources over nearly two decades. Unloading a freight trailer at 5:45 a.m., then doing a quick change for her PT HR job, LaTonya believes that even the least likely can flourish and succeed.

Additional Info


NameWorkforce Champion: Breaking Through
AuthorLaTonya McElroy
Published Year2022
Page Count42
Book PublisherBookBaby