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2017 Annual Conference Booklist

The Annual Conference SHRMStore Book List is now online!


To the left you will see all the sections in the Annual Conference 2017 SHRMStore. Click on any of the sections and you'll see a list of the books and resources available onsite in that specific section.


You'll also see the alphabetical listing of books below the categories. This provides you a full list of all the books/ resources onsite and indicates what section(s) they can be found in.


In addition, several books are Approved for Recertification credit. Look for the red dot next to the book that indicates it is included in the program. And for more information, visit the FAQ Page for the program. A green dot indicates a book is authored by one of the Annual Conference speakers. And a yellow dot indicates it is published by SHRM.


If you have any questions or need more information, ask any of our SHRMStore staffers for assistance.