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SHRM-Published Works



57 Frequently Asked Questions About Workplace Safety and Security by Margaret Fiester | Training & Development

97 Frequently Asked Questions About Compensation by Margaret Fiester | Comp & Benefits

107 FAQs About Staffing Management by Margaret Fiester | Recruitment & Retention

Applying Critical Evaluation by Currence | Business Management

Assessing External Candidates by Stanley Gully^Jean Phillips | Recruitment & Retention

Assessing Internal Candidates by Stanley Gully^Jean Phillips | Recruitment & Retention

Becoming the Evidence-Based Manager by Gary Latham | Career & Self-Development

Business Literacy Survival Guide for HR Professionals by Regan Garey | Business Management

Business-Focused HR by Scott Mondore^Shane Douthitt^Marisa Carson | HR as a Profession

California Employment Law: An Employer's Guide by James McDonald | HR and the Law

Chief HR Officer by Patrick Wright^John Boudreau^David Pace^Libby Sartain^Paul McKinnon^Richard Antoine | HR as a Profession

Cultural Fit Factor by Lizz Pellet | Business Management

Defining HR Success: 9 Critical Competencies for HR Professionals by Alexander Alonso^Debra Cohen^James Kurtessi^Kari Strobell | HR as a Profession

Destination Innovation: HR’s Role in Charting the Course by Patricia Buhler | HR as a Profession

Developing Proficiency in HR by Deborah Cohen | Career & Self-Development

EQ Interview by Adele Lynn | Recruitment & Retention

Essential Guide to Federal Employment Laws by Lisa Guerin^Amy DelPo | HR and the Law

Give Your Company a Fighting Chance by Maria Danaher | Employee Relations

Got a Minute by Dale Dwyer^Sheri Caldwell | Career & Self-Development

Healthy Employees Healthy Business by Ilona Bray | Business Management

Hidden Drivers of Success by William Schiemann^Jerry Seibert^Brian Morgan | Business Management

HR at Your Service by Gary Latham^Robert Ford | HR as a Profession

HR on Purpose by Browne | HR as a Profession

Manager Onboarding by Sharlyn Lauby | Recruitment & Retention

Manager's Guide to HR, 2nd by Max Muller | Business Management

Managing Diversity by Lee Gardenswartz^Anita Rowe | Workplace Diversity

Performance Appraisal Source Book by Mike Deblieux | Performance

Perils and Pitfalls of California Employment Law by Matthew Effland | HR and the Law

Power of Stay Interviews by Richard Finnegan | Recruitment & Retention

Proving the Value of HR, 2nd edition by Jack Phillips^Patricia Phillips | HR as a Profession

ReInventing Diversity by Howard Ross | Workplace Diversity

Solving Compensation Puzzle by Sharon Koss | Comp & Benefits

Stop Bullying at Work by Teresa Daniel^Gary Metcalf | Employee Relations

Transformation Diversity (for Competencies) by Fiona Citkin^Lynda Spielman | Workplace Diversity

Up, Down, and Sideways by Patricia Buhler^Joel Worden | HR as a Profession