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Becoming the Evidence-Based Manager: Making the Science of Management Work for You CD Audio Book

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Over the past decade, the call for evidence-based management has been on the rise. Managers have become increasingly skeptical of advice that is based solely on anecdotes, otherwise known as the “art of management”; they demand, instead, proof that the management practices are truly effective in today’s frenetic global workplace. This complete audio book version of Becoming the Evidence-Based Manager delivers the goods, covering a wide range of critical people management skills, such as hiring, inspiring, training, developing, motivating, and coaching. Listeners will be rewarded with a thorough understanding of how to put the science of management to work for themselves and their organizations.

Becoming the Evidence-Based Manager covers six key lessons of management, all backed by research and proven in practice. No longer needing to rely on intuition alone, managers now have a model for decision making that is based on measurable, scientific fact.

Presented in an accessible, conversational style by the author, Becoming the Evidence-Based Manager draws upon 50 years of management research, and provides HR professionals and front-line managers with key lessons and tips to help them put research to everyday use on the job. From hiring and training to supervising and appraising, managers and leaders will learn proven techniques for achieving high performance from their employees.

Important Note: This disc requires an MP3 player and will not play in older CD devices. While most recent CD players have the capability to play MP3 audio files, not all do. If you are unsure about your CD player, please check first with your owner’s manual. Also, this disc will not play automatically on Macintosh computers, you will first need to go to the folder containing the files on the CD and then play them in your preferred MP3 player.


“In Becoming the Evidence-Based Manager, Gary Latham delivers a well-reasoned and highly practical approach to delivering superior results through more scientific management approaches. Having seen some of his ideas implemented in our organization and others, I can easily testify to their effectiveness. This is a welcome respite from some of the more common psychobabble on the art of management and leadership.”--Donald Guloien, President and CEO, Manulife Financial

"I didn't want this book to end. It's that good . . . . I believe that Latham has done our field a genuine service by writing this book. It is a concise, evidence-based guide to a set of management dilemmas that will help line managers to improve the behavior of men and women at work. The many practical examples and colorful illustrations that Latham weaves throughout each chapter make this an engaging, rewarding read. The tools and techniques that he presents are actionable, and doable. In that sense, Latham himself has achieved a challenging goal: boosting the self-efficacy of his readers, who finish the book exclaiming to themselves, 'I can do this!'" -- Wayne F. Cascio, University of Colorado Denver

 About the Author

Gary P. Latham, Ph.D., is an award-winning researcher, a well-respected organizational psychologist and Secretary of State Professor of Organizational Effectiveness at the Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto. He is a member of the Board of Directors of SHRM and past president of both the Canadian Psychological Association and the Society for Industrial Organizational Psychology. Dr. Latham is the recipient of SHRM’s Michael R. Losey Human Resource Research Award.

Additional Info

Name Becoming the Evidence-Based Manager: Making the Science of Management Work for You CD Audio Book
SKU 61.15010CD
Year published 2011
Page count 5 Hours
Publisher SHRM
ISBN 9781586442675
Author Gary P. Latham
Format CD


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