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Manager Onboarding: 5 Steps for Setting New Leaders Up for Success

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Onboarding is such an important part of an employee’s success. It starts well before the employee decides to apply with an organization in the forms of employment branding and the candidate experience. It includes sourcing, interviewing, background checks, and extending the job offer. Next comes new hire paperwork, orientation, and training. Lastly, performance management. On some level much of onboarding touches every single component in the employee life cycle.

Yet, when it comes to onboarding managers, we do nothing or very little.

But we expect managers to help onboard new employees. They are an active part of the recruiting process. Managers are expected to train and develop employees. They are required to coach and mentor employees for exceptional performance.

It’s time for organizations to give managers the same foundation for success that we give new hire employees.

Manager Onboarding will walk HR managers and business leaders through the process of creating a manager onboarding program. While onboarding has many touchpoints in a manager’s career, this book focuses on the new hire or newly promoted phase.

This book is for HR leaders who are looking for a roadmap to designing a manager onboarding program. The book touches on just a bit of theory and a whole lot of practical knowledge. It is filled with stories and examples about how companies’ onboarding programs work—both for new employees as well as managers.

Table of Contents:

  • Preface
  • Part I: Manager Onboarding Defined
  • Chapter 1. What Is a Manager?
  • Chapter 2. What Is Onboarding?
  • Chapter 3. Where the Need for Manager Onboarding Might Surface
  • Part II: The Business Case for Manager Onboarding
  • Chapter 4. The Value of Onboarding in General
  • Chapter 5. Why Manager Onboarding
  • Chapter 6. Selling the Idea to Senior Management
  • Part III: 5 Steps to Developing a Manager Onboarding Program
  • Chapter 7. Assessment
  • Chapter 8. Program Design Options
  • Chapter 9. Development Strategies
  • Chapter 10. Pilot Programs
  • Chapter 11. Program Implementation
  • Part IV: Manager Onboarding Content
  • Chapter 12. Technical (Hard) Skills
  • Chapter 13. Management (Soft) Skills
  • Chapter 14. Well-Being
  • Chapter 15. Human Resource Skills
  • Part V: Post-Onboarding Strategies
  • Chapter 16. Career Development
  • Chapter 17. Alumni Groups and Internal Networking Groups
  • Chapter 18. Preparing Managers for Their Next Promotion
  • Part VI: Measuring Program Effectiveness
  • Chapter 19. Measuring Program Effectiveness
  • Chapter 20. Maintaining the Program



“I really enjoyed this book in its easy to read format. It provides the tools needed to develop and implement a manager onboarding program. Manager Onboarding is an excellent resource for HR professionals to expand vital systems to enhance their organizations.”

— Tara Mauk Arthur, Senior Vice President, Human Resources

“The HR Bartender has served up a top shelf look at on-boarding. Whether you are a newbie or a veteran of HR, Manager Onboarding is going to give you an in-depth look at on-boarding. Sharlyn shares her years of experience and provides practical, easy to understand, ready to implement solutions. For me, Manager Onboarding was a great review of the on-boarding process, and I think it should be in every HR library.”

— Dave Ryan, Director of Human Resources, Mel-O-Cream Donuts International, Inc.

“Companies are eager to promote people into management, but they rarely nurture them effectively after they assume these new roles. Sharlyn has given us tangible methods and tools to ensure new managers thrive and succeed. This is a book that will be in my quiver to use on a daily basis!”

— Steve Browne, SHRM-SCP, Executive Director of HR, LaRosa’s, Inc.

“Sharlyn has provided a roadmap for how to effectively and efficiently onboard new managers—whether they’re hired from the outside of your organization or promoted from within. You’ll learn the theory, but more importantly, you’ll gain practical insights, into how you can help new managers be successful--in their own careers and for your organization.”

— Sue Meisinger, columnist on HR leadership and retired CEO of the Society for Human Resource Management

“Finally—the long awaited solution to management success! Sharlyn Lauby gives us direct and practical guidance on the best way to onboard every new manager. Her detailed examples bring real-life solutions to a wide range of leadership career challenges. Manager Onboarding is a must-read for everyone who needs to quickly influence and engage their management team for long-term achievement!”

— China Gorman, CEO, CMG Group

About the Author

Sharlyn Lauby, SHRM-SCP, is the author of the HR Bartender blog and president of ITM Group Inc., a South Florida-based training and human resource consulting firm focused on helping companies retain and engage talent.

Before starting ITM Group, she was vice president of human resources for Right Management Consultants, one of the world’s largest organizational consulting firms. She has designed and implemented highly successful programs for employee retention, internal and external customer satisfaction, and leadership development. Media outlets and publications such as Reuters, the New York Times, ABC News, the “Today” show, Readers Digest, Men’s Health, Mashable, and the Wall Street Journal have sought out her expertise on topics related to human resources and the workplace.

She launched HR Bartender to provide a “friendly place for everyday workplace issues.” HR Bartender has been recognized as one of the Top 5 Business Blogs Read by HR Professionals by SHRM and a Top 25 Must-Read Blog for Employers.

Lauby believes strongly in giving to the community. She served by appointment from former Governor Jeb Bush on the Governor’s Alliance for the Employment of Citizens with Disabilities. She also served as co-lead of SHRM’s Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility special expertise panel and previously as president of HR Florida, the statewide SHRM affiliate.

Additional Info

Name Manager Onboarding: 5 Steps for Setting New Leaders Up for Success
SKU 61.16516
Year published 2016
Page count 261
Publisher SHRM
ISBN 9781586444075
Author Sharlyn Lauby
Format Paperback