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Brilliant Service is the Bottom Line

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Let's put the truth on the table:

  • Poor service is pandemic in business today.
  • Most organizations - and their products and services - have become commodities.

So how can you differentiate yourself in a crowded marketplace in a Nano-speed world?

By consistently giving customers a Brilliant Service Experience.

Quite simply, Brilliant Service is the bottom line. Not only is it your primary point of differentiation and the critical factor in creating cult-like customer loyalty, it also have a proven, direct impact on financial results.

Brilliant Service Is the Bottom Line captures the essence of author Simon T. Bailey's 20-plus years of experience in the service industry. While there are many books written on the subject of service, this is the first to:

  • Introduce Service Beliefisms" - fresh, innovative ways of thinking about service;
  • Be penned by a candid service expert with the willingness to put the truth on the table with respect to service challenges;
  • Be written in a reader-friendly format with self-contained mini-chapters that even the busiest person can read in 5 minutes or less and that perfectly complement your service training and employee meetings;
  • Provide tips and techniques specifically designed for immediate application on the job and for encouraging personal accountability and customer ownership.

Additional Info

Name Brilliant Service is the Bottom Line
SKU 48.38074
Year published 2007
Page count 44
Publisher DreamTreee Productions
ISBN 9780979403606
Author Simon Bailey
Format Paperback


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