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Building on the Promise of Diversity

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What is the legacy of the diversity movement of the last two decades? Having increased the percentage of minorities in the workplace, we might think our work is done -- but we've hardly started. Numbers are only part of the story in which the true challenge is to realize the full power -- financial, economic, political, and societal -- that genuine diversity brings. Building on the Promise of Diversity -- the first major book on the subject in years -- presents R. Roosevelt Thomas's Strategic Diversity Management approach, a results-focused, five-step process for applying diversity management toward the advancement of organizational and community goals. Readers will come to understand why "diversity tension" is not only inevitable but also necessary as a catalyst for addressing key issues, and they will learn about the many ways in which they may be "diversity challenged," even if they don't recognize it. The result is a timely and dynamic approach to a powerful driver of both robust businesses and thriving communities. As Dr. Thomas points out, America from its founding has been an "experiment in diversity." It is overwhelmingly to our benefit to see the experiment through to its intended result, both in and outside of the workplace.

Additional Info

Name Building on the Promise of Diversity
SKU 48.22554
Year published 2005
Page count 256
Publisher Amacom
ISBN 9780814408629
Author R. Roosevelt Thomas, Jr.
Format No