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Business Continuity and HIPAA

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This book examines business continuity planning as adapted to encompass the requirements of The Health Care Portability and Accountability Act of 1996, or HIPAA. It examines the typical business continuity planning model and highlight how the special requirements of HIPAA have shifted the emphasis.

The layout of this book was designed to afford assistance, hints, and templates to the person charged with the task of implementing business continuity planning into a healthcare organization.

Many of the examples uses in this book relate to information technology and disaster recovery (recovery of computer capabilities). In addition, emphasize is placed on not only recovering the computer systems of a health care organization but a  multitude of other production components. These are also critical in order to deliver services and products to customers/patients. Where appropriate, the book also identifies procedures and strategies that are unique to healthcare provider organizations.

The audience for whom this book was designed are the people who are responsible for implementing a plan in a healthcare organization that comes under the scope of the HIPAA regulations. At first reading, the book may appear to be an exact template to be used to design a business continuity plan. 

Readers are provided with an approach that is similar to traditional business continuity planning. This is done purposefully. The basic business continuity planning model looks to protect and/or recover all critical components of production. This model assumes an industry-specific nature not by changing the model itself, but by placing greater emphasis on the protection and recovery of those production resources that characterize that industry.

This book includes the special precautions and procedures that address the unique concerns of HIPAA, but it presents readers with the other business components in order to emphasis the need to take a holistic approach when constructing and maintaining a business continuity plan.

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