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California's Meal & Rest Period Rules

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This new publication examines California's unique meal and rest period rules and the new California Supreme Court decision that interprets them. The new sanctions created for violations of these rules have led to numerous cases, including an epidemic of class action lawsuits. One highly publicized case resulted in a jury verdict in excess of $170 million against a single employer. The Supreme Court recently held that legal challenges can seek years of liability.

The new publication is entitled CALIFORNIA'S MEAL AND REST PERIOD RULES: PROACTIVE STRATEGIES FOR COMPLIANCE. It is authored by one of California's leading experts on wage-hour law, Attorney Richard J. Simmons of the law firm of Sheppard, Mullin, Richter and Hampton, LLP. All California employers must be aware of their obligations and the high price they may pay for noncompliance.

California has the toughest rules in the country. It imposes unmatched requirements and potential liabilities for employers. The publication is designed to assist employers to understand and address their legal obligations under state law. It also offers proactive strategies and ideas to establish compliance and defend against legal challenges. Sample forms are included to remind new and existing employees of their right to meal and rest periods and secure their cooperation. Among the numerous subjects covered are the following:

  • Meal Period Rules
  • Rest Period Rules
  • Remedies & Sanctions
  • Exceptions To The Rules
  • Class Action Suits
  • Rules Regarding Combining Meal Periods
  • Labor Code Rules
  • Meal Period Charts
  • Proactive Strategies
  • Sample New-Hire Forms R
  • ecord-Keeping Obligations
  • New Cases
  • Timing Of Meal Periods
  • When Waivers Are Allowed
  • Labor Commission Rules
  • Industrial Welfare Commission Standards
  • Frequency of Meal Periods
  • Timing of Rest Periods
  • Effect of Rounding Practices
  • Sample Acknowledgment Forms

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